Keen to find a reliable, modern, and robust garden room kit in Bristol? If you’re searching for the best type of garden room kit (from the material to the style of kit), then you’ve come to the right place.

Our experienced team are experts when it comes to both the design and creation of contemporary and practical garden room kits. To help you determine which garden room kit might be the best for you, we explore the different types of garden room kits available and the various materials they can include.

What are the different garden room kits available?

There are many words commonly used to describe and advertise garden room kits, such as self-build, modular, prefabricated, DIY, and flat pack. As a result, you may be wondering which one is right for you.

Ultimately, however, all these words are widely synonymous for a garden room kit composed of pre-cut pieces that you construct yourself (or with help from a contractor). Instead, garden room kits only tend to vary in size, complexity, and materials.

At Vivid Pods, for example, we offer both a Starter DIY Kit and a Complete DIY Kit. While the Complete DIY Kit is ideal for those searching for a more premium finish, the Starter DIY Kit gives you the opportunity to add your own touch using independently sourced materials.

We can even work with you to create a garden room kit in Bristol that meets your bespoke size and style requirements.

Which material is best for garden room kits?

If you’re searching for a durable, sustainable, well-insulated, and easy-to-assemble garden room kit, then you should opt for a SIP (Structurally Insulated Panel) garden room. These popular construction panels support better thermal performance in your garden room, are straightforward to install, and are reassuringly long-lasting.

Here at Vivid Pods, our garden room kits are constructed from SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels) and sustainable FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) grade timber. Combined, these materials create a structurally sound garden room with excellent insulation properties that can help to reduce your utility bills and ensure you can use your garden room throughout the year.

Explore garden room kits in Bristol

On the lookout for a modern and durable composite garden room kit in Bristol? Based in the historical and beautiful city of Bristol, Vivid Pods has designed and delivered countless long-lasting and contemporary garden room kits to properties across the UK.

Pre-fabricated and ready to be assembled on-site with ease either by yourself or a professional contractor, our comprehensive selection of garden room kits includes both our Starter DIY Kit and our Complete DIY Kit.

Both kits, however, contain all the necessary fixings, fittings, and instructions to ensure a hassle-free assembly process. Suitable for transforming into productive home offices, active workout spaces, and even creative studios, there’s no end of options.

To learn more about the materials used in our garden room kits, please don’t hesitate to explore our online range. We also welcome email enquiries submitted to our friendly and knowledgeable team at as well as those sent in using our online contact form!