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From £16,116

The Clifton is one of our most popular garden room designs and it's easy to see why. The wide sliding doors can be fully retracted, seamlessly connecting your new space with the natural surroundings of the garden. Even in the cooler months, the full height glazing provides a window to the world outside while keeping you warm and comfortable.

Many of our clients have utilised the open plan design of the Clifton to create multi functional spaces combining fitness areas with home cinemas, or a place to practice music.



From £16,116

If you are looking for a large garden room installation to transform your outdoor space, look no further than our Cotham range.

With generously sized sliding doors on the facade of the pod and a full-width window to the side, the Cotham pod offers almost panoramic views out into the garden around you.

The Cotham is available in a range of sizes but this is one we think is truly impressive at full scale.



From £11,998

A small but mighty garden room, the EcoPod is deceptively spacious inside and a great choice for your small business HQ or a comfortable all-seasons fitness space.

The EcoPod uses natural materials blended alongside bold contrasting composites. Taking all of the best features that Pod Space has become renowned for whilst retaining each eco benefit. The EcoPod has a design that will fit seamlessly into the natural surroundings of your garden - low profile, high impact.

The EcoPod has a modular panel system allowing easy disassemble and relocation or resale. The EcoPod does not require planning permission and can be installed in just 2 days.



From £18,000

A premium pod to be proud of, the Henleaze is a great blend of contemporary architectural design and beautiful natural materials.

The glass facade of the Henleaze pod floods the space with light while the retractable sliding doors break down the physical barrier between outside and in.

Our Henleaze garden rooms have some excellent details such as the full height side window and angled sunshields, balancing form and function without obstructing the almost panoramic views.



From £17,328

The Montpelier garden room is a corner pod - A functional space with a smaller footprint than our traditional square and rectangular ranges.

Tucked away in the corner of your garden, the Montpelier offers great views of your surroundings with minimal interruption. This pod helps you truly connect with the space around you with full height windows from edge to edge and a wrap around decking and overhang.



From £15,360

The NeoPod is an all-in-one garden room, designed with gamers in mind. The compact design provides a private space to play and stream your games while receiving optimal airflow and keeping cool. It's also great for gamers who share a home with others who don't game – no more arguments over the TV!

You may even be interested in adding some extra features to enhance your gaming experience such as high-speed internet connection, external speakers, high-tech lighting and mirrors. And if you need any help getting set up on Twitch or other streaming platforms, we can help with that too!



From £13,096

Simple, yet sophisticated, the Redcliffe is one of our more understated pod designs. With centrally positioned sliding doors, the facade is dominated by beautiful, sustainably-sourced timber cladding and provides a more private, intimate space versus some of our other garden room designs.

The Redcliffe is easily scaled to meet the demands of your garden and can be customised with additional windows, decking, overhang etc. Whatever you need to suit your dream home lifestyle.



From £14,160

The Redland garden room has minimal sight lines and provides excellent visibility of your surrounding garden with large sliding doors and an adjacent vertical window.

Our Redland range is a scalable design suitable for gardens of all shapes and sizes. The open plan interior of the Redland pod offers flexibility for many uses. For example, If you need a gym with a self contained shower area we can incorporate it or if it’s a mini kitchen that you need for your teenagers living room then we can design that in too.



From £13,920

The Southville garden room is the largest of our compact pods with up-to 3m2 of functional space inside. This pod has proven popular among our clients looking to transform their underutilised garden space into a home office or studio space.

As with all of our garden room ranges, the Southville pod is a blank canvas ready to be tailored to your lifestyle. The compact size makes it a great choice if your garden space is at a premium and you'd like a cost and time effective solution vs permanent alterations to your property.

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