Daydreaming about your very own garden room? If you’re keen to create a separate space for work or relaxation, but are struggling to bring your vision to life within budget, a modular garden room kit could be the perfect compromise!

To help you decide whether modular is the right move for you, we explore the benefits of modular garden room kits in more detail below.

What is meant by a modular garden room kit?

Modular construction refers to the process of building a structure away from the site where it will be installed. These prefabricated sections are manufactured under controlled plant conditions, often using the same materials as structures built using more conventional methods.

These sections can then be easily delivered to the installation site where they can be assembled by either yourself or a contractor. As these parts have been prefabricated, a modular garden room kit is typically much quicker and less laboursome to erect than conventional buildings.

What are the advantages of a modular garden room kit?

In addition to those mentioned already, there are many more benefits to opting for a modern modular garden room kit. We explore some of these sought-after DIY garden room advantages in more detail below!


If you’re searching for affordability, a modular garden room kit gives you the chance to save a significant amount of money by not purchasing the off-the-shelf alternative.

Here at Vivid Pods, you can snap up a sensational garden room kit starting at just £3,671.

Minimal waste

When constructing your own DIY garden room, waste material is often unavoidable. As a result, starting from scratch isn’t the most eco-friendly option. However, with a modular garden room, the components come pre-manufactured to the perfect size, meaning minimal or no waste.

Ideal for DIYers

A chance to put your DIY skills to the test, a modular garden room kit needn’t be built by a contractor if you have the right tools and know-how! We offer our customers a choice of either a Starter DIY Kit or a Complete DIY Kit to suit their level of DIY ability.

Where to find modular garden room kits

Luckily, you won’t have to look far to find outstanding modular garden room kits.

Here at Vivid Pods, we’ve created a range of durable and modern DIY garden room kits that come prefabricated, ready for you to assemble with ease on-site. Keen to explore our high-quality selection?

Regardless of whether you have your sights set on a contemporary home office or are hoping to build a dedicated workout space, we offer a Starter DIY Kit and a Complete DIY Kit to help you achieve your garden room goals.

Featuring the essential fixings, fittings, and instructions you could need, a modular garden room kit makes construction easy.

While both our DIY garden room kits boast a robust SIP envelope, the Starter Kit gives you the opportunity to personalise the space by sourcing some of your own materials. The Complete Kit, on the other hand, ensures a modern and premium finish using a range of pre-supplied materials.

To find out more about our modular garden room kits, get in touch by emailing your enquiry to us at or by filling in and submitting our convenient online contact form.