Because a garden office is separate from your home, you might be concerned about fluctuating temperatures making the space uninhabitable at points during the year.

Fortunately, the appropriate insulation can make these garden offices just as comfortable (if not more so) than a standard home office. Plus, you’ll benefit from your own self-contained and peaceful private working area.

Our expert team explains why this insulation is important for garden offices and how you can insulate your garden office in Bristol to keep yourself as cosy or cool as required to stay productive in all weathers.

Does a garden office need to be insulated?

Put simply, yes! A garden office, or any garden room, should be insulated to ensure it can be used comfortably year-round. While insulation is well-known for keeping heat in during the cooler months and helping us to save on our energy bills, it actually plays a vital role regulating the room temperature.

While a garden office may not legally require insulation (building regulations only apply if the structure features sleeping accommodation or is greater in size than 30sqm), adding insulation is essential to keeping the space usable and enjoyable in all seasons.

How thick should garden office insulation be?

As garden office insulation comes in various forms and thicknesses and can be used in different places within the structure, it’s important you choose the right option to suit the application.

Some of the most common insulation materials for garden offices include PIR (polyisocyanurate rigid boards) foam boards and mineral wool rolls.

Generally, you should expect garden office insulation to be at least 50mm for the walls, 75mm for the roof, and 100mm for the floor.

Here at Vivid Pods, each one of our bespoke garden office rooms come with built-in natural insulation in the form of SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels) panels.

Our wall SIP panels boast 75mm of insulation, while the floor and roof panels come complete with 100mm of insulation. We also use the highest quality closed cell EPS (expanded polystyrene insulation) insulation to ensure the very best insulation in our premium garden office rooms.

This is because air is the best thermal insulator and EPS is composed of 98 per cent air. To find out more about our insulation materials and how they work, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable team today.

How do you insulate an outside office?

When insulating an outside office or garden office, you need to ensure the structure has complete insulation from all sides. That includes the walls, floor, and the roof.

This all-round protection helps to slow heat transfer from below, above, and around the room, resulting in superior temperature regulation in hot and cold climates.

Twice as efficient as standard wool insulation, PIR panels and SIP panels are ideal for creating an energy efficient outside office.

An essential part of the building, these panels are suitable for using (at the appropriate thickness) in the walls, ceiling, and flooring, providing you with all-round insulation.

They can be easily incorporated around the cladding and the (typically) steel or timber framework of the building. You can either cut them to size with ease or opt for a self-build garden office kit where the pieces have been conveniently cut and made to order, ensuring both minimal waste and easy installation.

Find your ideal garden office in Bristol

Searching for a high-quality and reliable garden office in Bristol?

Here at Vivid Pods, we’ve created an extensive range of bespoke garden office rooms that can be customised to suit your home working requirements. Whether you’re searching for stunning floor-to-ceiling glazing or low-energy LED spotlights, our expert team have plenty of experience delivering exceptional garden home offices.

From the size and shape to the specification, you decide which finish and fixtures will work best for your garden office. Plus, we only use premium construction materials such as solid engineered structural FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) timber and steel, so you can rest assured that these modern home working spaces are built to last.

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