Like any structure, when it comes to constructing a robust and reliable DIY garden room, the foundations are essential.

Luckily, here at Vivid Pods, we’re no stranger to supplying high-quality DIY SIP (Structurally Insulated Panel) garden rooms and understand the importance of good foundations for SIPs panels in the UK.

Are garden room foundations necessary?

Put simply, yes, even garden rooms require suitable foundations to ensure weight is evenly distributed and they have enough strength, stability, and support. Crucially, the appropriate garden room foundations will ensure that the structure is safe for people to exercise, work, or simply relax while enjoying the outdoor scenery.

While garden rooms typically don’t require the same foundations as a house in the UK, the base will still need to be cleared from debris, levelled, and measure slightly longer and wider than the building itself.

Which garden rooms require foundations?

Even a shed, if above a certain weight, will require the appropriate foundations to ensure it stands the test of time. So, if you want to make sure your DIY garden room is still standing in years to come, then you’ll need to consider which foundation will make the best base for your new outdoor space.

Some of the most popular garden room foundations include concrete, patio slabs, decking or wooden plinths, and ground screws. Each garden room foundation option will have its own benefits and areas to consider, so it’s worth discussing your project preferences with a qualified constructor or a member of our expert garden room installation team.

Here at Vivid Pods, we offer a range of contemporary and easy-to-assemble DIY garden rooms that we suggest installing on top of durable concrete foundations. We recommend using concrete pillars, rafts, slabs, or blocks to help make installing your garden room as simple and straightforward as possible.

‍Concrete blocks are one of the simplest foundations for SIPs panels in the UK.

You can use a combination of gravel and hardcore to fill the footings, finishing with concrete on top. Once the blocks have been levelled, you can begin to assemble the frame of your DIY garden room!

Explore DIY garden room kits at Vivid Pods

If you’re eager to start enjoying your own garden room or want to find out more about garden room planning permission or the best foundations for SIPs panels in the UK, then don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team here at Vivid Pods today!

With a choice of either our Starter DIY Kit or Complete DIY Kit, you could create your own modern home office, relaxation zone, or workout den in no time. Each kit boasts a reliable and long-lasting SIP envelope alongside all the necessary fixings and fittings to ensure a professional-standard installation.

While the Complete Kit offers a contemporary, premium finish, the Starter Kit gives you the opportunity to customise the pad by sourcing some of your own materials.

To learn more about these impressive garden room kits, please feel free to five us a call on 0117 990 2402. We also welcome any enquiries sent to as well as those submitted using our handy online contact form!