If you want to make the most of your DIY garden room,then it’s highly likely you’ve considered where and how you should includeinsulation in your design.

Luckily, the team of DIY garden room designers here at Vivid Pods is on hand to answer all your insulation-related questions, including whether it’s expensive and exactly why it’s so important!

Can you insulate garden rooms?

Yes, garden rooms can and should be insulated if you want to use your extra space year-round and save on those energy bills! While insulating rooms is often associated with trying to keep heat in, insulation also helps to regulate temperature – making it ideal for both the cooler and warmer seasons.

Why is insulation important for garden rooms?

As mentioned above, the main advantage of installing insulation in a garden room is for temperature regulation, effectively preventing the building from becoming excessively hot or cold. If you want to get the most value for money, insulation is therefore an easy way to ensure you garden room can be used whatever the weather.

Furthermore, effective insulation can also help you to keep energy costs down as loss (or gain) of heat is slowed. As a result, whenever you want to cool or warm up the space, you won’t require as much energy to accomplish your aim, allowing you to enjoy your garden room without a delay as well as benefit from the energy savings.

How can you add insulation to a garden room?

There are many ways that insulation can be included in a garden room because there exists a variety of insulation types including Structural Insulated panels (SIPs), mineral wool, polyurethane insulation, and reflective foils. The best type of insulation for your DIY garden room will vary based on your budget, DIY skills, and structure design, so it’s always best to research your options.

Is garden room insulation expensive?

Due to the different types of building insulation(including premium-grade insulation), there’s no exact insulation material cost. However, compared to the energy savings you’re likely to make over the years that you enjoy this space, adding insulation to your garden room definitely delivers value for money.

Can you buy insulated garden room kits in the UK?

Yes, you certainly can. Here at Vivid Pod, we design and manufacture a selection of insulated garden room kits that make the perfect home office, workout space, or chill-out spot.

Why not explore our Starter DIY Kit? Or maybe you have your eye on the Complete DIY Kit.

Regardless of which kit seems like the best fit for your garden, you can rest assured they come with a strong SIP envelope, as well as all the required fixings and installation instructions.

The Complete Kit ensures a smart and modern finish, while the Starter Kit leaves some of the material and design choices up to you!

To find out more about our insulated garden room kits,  get in touch using enquiries@vividpods.co.uk or by filling out our convenient online contact form.